Sunday, June 8, 2008

=_About SNSD/Girls Generation Members_=

-=who had a Surgery???=-
c.Tae yeon
e.Seo hyun

who do u think really had surgy?
this is not confirmed I am just curios...
-=who is the Best voice in SNSD???=-

a. Seo Hyun
b. Tae Yeon
c. Tiffany
d. Yuri
e. Jessica
f. Sunny
g. YoonA
h. Soo Young
i. Hyo Yeon

-=How About ANTI-SNSD???=-
...actually snsd has many fans...
..but some of there hates them because of the scandal.. of them is about the snsd surgery..
Some also hates them because of the jelousy...
Because they link to some Boys..

=lee junki=
=big bang=
& so on..

...But me???
..I am also a fan of SNSD!!!